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What a Treat! A collection of, I don’t know how many, vintage Swedish rag rugs,
given a new chance to shine!

Tjolahopptjolahej! Svenska trasmattor genom tiderna, by Eva Valente.
7 oktober - 17 februari, 2012, at Rydal Museum.

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is a contemporary knowledge and design centre in Tensta, Stockholm in which women from all around the world participate. Livstycket applies functional pedagogy, which combines artistic practical activities with theoretical teaching. 

"We want to give women who have immigrated to Sweden the chance to learn the Swedish language and culture while enhancing their self-esteem. Even if the activities are aimed at women, men are, of course, also welcome to participate. Our approach is functional pedagogy. Artistic activities like sewing, embroidery and textile printing are combined with theoretical education in Swedish, mathematics, social studies and IT. In this way, the words represent a function, a reality and a context. The words "scissors, thread and thank you" are merely words until they acquire and represent a real meaning."

' We drink tea and learn the letter e.'

Stockholm by Livstycket.

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.first Pot-pot doll

Fiber Ambassador to Sweden

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